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Why you need to stop using a generic free email address & brand your email today!

First, lets start with what is a domain name?

A domain name is the second part of an internet address - the part which identifies your company for example:

Using a branded domain name for email is more professional than a free e-mail service for example and you can use your domain name for your website, holding page or to link to your Facebook business page.

There a lot of different providers of free email addresses that you can choose from nowadays, Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook to name a few. These are fantastic providers for free email services and attractive for business email as they are free - don’t cost a penny, but do you know, using these free generic email addresses for business purposes can actually be costing you money? These addresses can be damaging your business as they can make your business look unprofessional and untrustworthy in the eyes of some customers.

If your still not 100% sure why you would want to go ahead with a domain name and business branded email address take a wee look at my reasons why you should be using a custom business branded email below:

A branded email shows everyone, including potential customers that your business is established, professional and keen to make a good impression. A generic email may turn customers away as they could feel you are not a professional, serious business. When you use a branded email address, you provide a sense of security and reassurance to your customers and suppliers. It can be very difficult to gain new customer's trust as genuine suppliers/tradesmen and the simple act of having your own branded, professional website and email address can help put these customer's minds at ease.

By having your own custom business domain you are promoting your business. Every time you send an email (with your domain name and your fabulous website address in your thoughtfully and carefully laid out email signature) you are sending out your brand - not Gmail or Hotmail's instead! So in essence, it is also a bit of a marketing tool too! Your business is never too small or new to start building your brand!

Also, in certain cases when you signing up for other business services, some websites do not accept a free email address. An example of this is the online email marketing platform Mailchimp.

I hope after reading through the above you now fully understand the immense benefits of having your own little corner of the internet in the form of your own domain name and email address.

Setting up a domain name and business branded email address is not as hard or as scary as you may think! You can secure your corner of the internet by using our fully managed services to secure your domain name and email address from just £35 per year (equal to £3 per month!), it's not as expensive as you thought, is it?! Contact us now to get started - you don’t need to worry about a thing, Fife IT Support do it all for you!

Once we have registered your domain name you can then use this for your current website. If you don't have a website, that’s fine, we can help with this too!

Our Website Package options start at just £10 per month and you can find out more about them by visiting our website here. If you're not ready for a website or holding page, we can use your domain name to link to your business Facebook page.

Thanks for reading. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates and new blog posts.

Niki :)

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