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Help someone you know get online

I've just heard a story from a client that has made me a bit sad - an elderly neighbour of our client got a laptop for Christmas with all the great intentions of learning how to use it and finally get on the internet.

After several weeks of trying they gave the laptop away! - why? Because their relatives, including children couldn't / wouldn't take the time out of their day to help them learn.

Now i know as well as anyone else, trying to teach your relatives anything (ie, driving a car) can be a strain on your relationship, so it is more than understandable that this has happened. It doesn't make it any less sad though!

So I have sourced a wee learning resource from the Scottish Government from a program I didn't even know existed and I have added it to the useful links section on the website.

It's called the 'Let's get online guide' and it is a 12 page workbook that you can take the learner through to get them into the swing of it all.

Take the time out to encourage your relatives to get online, Facebook, Skype, Email, Online shopping and even basic search engine skills are all really important and can be liberating for the learner.

More importantly, they will love you for it!

Check it out on our Useful Links Page:

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