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Websites - A Guide - Domains

Interested in WEBSITES?! Great! Businesses want or need a website for different reasons! You might be looking to sell something, in which case your website would be an ‘ecommerce’ website. You might want to have it for sending customers to so that they can get more information on your product or service.

No matter what you need a website for, there are 4 elements that stay the same, heres 1 of them:

1 - A domain name ( & What is a domain name? Think of it like a street sign for your customers to find your website and email services.

AKA ‘web address’ or ‘URL’ A domain name has a structure:

A domain is not something you OWN - you can only RENT a domain name - it is yours for as long as your pay your rent! The controlling body for UK domains is Nominet and you can find their domain explainer here:

Domains we manage cost approx £10-£18+ per year depending on the TLD. ( is the cheapest and most relevant for most businesses, as it ties in with your geographic location and represents business)

For the FREE Full PDF Guide Click Here

If you need any advice about domains you own or you need to transfer or just a general bit of advice, call or email us on 01592 568 881 or

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